Thank you for visiting In 2009, the connect2Endviolence initiative was launched as part of the Peel Police Services Board’s five-point plan to combat the growth of violence and serious crime in our community. The connect2ENDviolence website was designed to be a focal point for community discussion on violence and violence prevention. It served as a unique opportunity for Peel residents to directly express their views.

Following considerable discussion and review by the Peel Police Services Board, it was decided that the connect2ENDviolence Initiative had achieved its initial purpose and it was time to move into a new phase of community engagement. This new phase involves moving in a more strategic direction with existing community partners and stakeholders involved with community safety and the prevention of violence and crime in Peel region.

As a result of this decision, and in order to effectively reallocate limited resources, effective May 5, 2011, the connect2ENDviolence (c2Ev) website will no longer be available.

However one of the most popular features of the website, the Resource Links page, has been relocated to the Peel Police Services Board website Allowing the community continued access to useful information on violence and violence prevention remains an important part of this work. Should you have any questions regarding this new page or c2Ev in general, please feel free to send an email to

The Peel Police Services Board would like to thank you for your ongoing support and engagement – it made the connect2ENDviolence Initiative a success.

connect2ENDviolence Team